Innovative Flooring Solutions


Timber flooring is designed to be a long lasting product with a wide range of colour choice and provides a modern and sturdy style that does not date. This product cleans easily and creates a hygienic environment for all of your family. Timber Floor coatings provides protection against scratching, staining and water spills including a non - slip surface which is ideal to address any safety concerns. They are also easy to restore by sanding or recoating if you find scratches on your hardwood floor over time.


There is quite a few benefits in selecting to use laminate flooring. Laminate is very cost effective for large flooring areas and comes in a wide range of colours, patterns and styles. Laminate is easy to install, clean and maintain. New technology is now allowing improved water resistant capabilities along with durable surfaces protecting you against scratches and stains providing a high quality and long lasting flooring solution.


Vinyl flooring is a softer and friendlier surface than traditional hard flooring or tiles. This surface is extremely durable and provides superior comfort underfoot in heavy traffic areas of your household or business. This product also has superior noise reduction capability, is water resistant and offers a large selection of colours and styles to choose from for your project.


With its natural beauty & superior durability Bamboo Flooring is becoming a popular choice around Australia. Bamboo Flooring is cutting edge with an innovative modern look and with Bamboo being a denser product it is more resistant to floor damage. Your interior will come to life with a natural yet elegant and stylish appearance at an affordable price.


Underlay and Sound Reduction are an important part of your flooring system. 
Underlay is used under all products. Sound Reduction is available for people living in units or multi level houses to reduce foot-fall noise. Underlay for a Floating Floor is available from standard to full acoustic. Carpet underlay is either rubber or foam, with varieties from budget to luxury.

Floor Trims & Scotia

Flooring Industries offers a wide variety of prestige trims for your flooring needs. These include scotia and stairnosings. We can also supply you with custom trims to match your choice of flooring product and colour if required.